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Block Tours is all about traveling city to city, and block to block creating relationships on the ground with qualified investors. We connect with the best of the best local realtors, builders, contractors, property managers and other ancillary trades. Having a great ground game of professionals that can service our investments is a key component of scaling our program across the country.


Ready to Invest, but...

Not sure how to get started? Concerned about hiring contractors or dealing with the city? We get it! But we got you! Our team will literally walk you through the process from the pre-approval process to closing. Our Mentorship Program will provide you with all the tools to prepare you for flipping your 1st property, buying your first buy and hold property, or many other strategies -even short term rental owner.

Minimum Capital Requirement $100,000

Which should cover your initial downpayment, closing costs, contingencies, & capital to start your construction until your first draw. In addition we highly recommend that investors of all levels have a minimum of 6 months in emergency funds.

*Serious Inquiries Only! If you qualify based on the minimum investment requirement of $100,000. Schedule a session now.

Mentorship Program

Meet Russ.

Co-Founder | Partner

Co-owner of DOWNS Real Estate Group in Jersey City. He is a seasoned real estate professional with over $200m+ in residential, commercial, land, and investment sales. Recently built a $1.35m 2 family in Jersey City, and also operates short term rentals in NJ and Maryland.

"I am here to partner with investors to provide experience, space planning, design and development."

Meet Ken.

Co-Founder | Partner

Bio Coming soon...

"I teach individuals creative real estate financing techniques...

About Us

BLOCK TOURS is the collaboration of brother in laws Kenneth Senkyire & Russell Downs. Creating a family business together was bound to happen due to their mutual desire and dedication to use real estate investing as a way to build a life of abundance, create generational wealth and to inspire other entrepreneurs. The focus at Block Tours is building relationships with investors, local professionals, and lending partners across the country to facilitate flips, buy and holds, multifamily, commercial, other creative ways to benefit from real estate.

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